Commercial LED Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

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Commercial LED Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

Commercial LED Lighting Installation Salisbury NC. From the showroom to the warehouse, at computer stations and in high-end retail, the latest LED lighting provides the best atmosphere and energy efficiency. Pleasant light and extreme longevity make LEDs the new standard in commercial lighting.

Commercial LED Lighting Installation

For a very reasonable investment, LED lights return incredible value to your business. Higher quality light, reduced energy bills, and long lifespan make LED the premier choice for virtually any business environment:

  • Saves massive amounts of energy, at least 75% over traditional lighting according to Energy Star.
  • Lifespan of up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescents.
  • Does not emit infrared heat to make a room uncomfortable or increase cooling needs.
  • Soft, natural-style light is ideal for displaying products and also improves the comfort and productivity of employees.
  • Low maintenance and infrequent replacement save you more money over the long run.
  • No mercury, no concerns about hazardous waste.

LED Lighting for Rowan County businesses

LED fixtures make the most sense for offices, retail, hospitality, restaurants, and any type of organization that wants greater energy efficiency and a more pleasant light than your typical fluorescents.

Rowan County is home to many innovative businesses that are going green and getting creative with how they conduct business. Cables and Volts Contracting can help provide an LED lighting solution that provides a wonderful atmosphere in the workplace and considerable energy savings, too.

Best of all, installing new LED lighting can take care of all your lighting needs — in the office, on the showroom floor, and for exterior security lighting and other uses. All with a long lifespan and the greatest efficiency of all readily available options.

Already have another lighting solution in place? Don’t worry, we replace your old lighting system with LED lights! Give us a call for LED lighting replacement in Rowan County.

LED Light Installation, replacement & repair for Rowan County buildings

Cables and Volts Contracting can retrofit or replace your current lighting with a state-of-the-art LED lighting solution that enhances your business and improves your bottom line. When you have new commercial lighting installed by a team of Rowan County’s best commercial electricians, you get the best results!

Our LED lighting services include:

  • Replacing incandescent or fluorescent lights with LED
  • Adding and replacing LED lights with newer models
  • Ambient lighting for large buildings
  • Accent lighting and spotlights
  • Specialty lighting for retail, restaurants, and hotels
  • Outdoor/exterior lighting including signage and security lights
  • LED light repair

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Commercial LED Lighting Installation in…

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