Electrical Panel Box Installation Salisbury NC

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Electrical Panel Box Installation Salisbury NC

Electrical Panel Box Installation Salisbury NC, We install replacement electrical panels for new and historic homes throughout the Rowan County. If you need to replace an old knob-and-tube system or fuse box, or you want to upgrade a breaker panel with a larger model, Cable and Volts Contracting has the expertise for the job.

We follow the NFPA 70: National Electrical Code® for all electrical panel replacements and other services, as well as local regulations for North Carolina. Your home’s electrical system is critical for health, safety, and the integrity of your home and we knows how to make sure you get the best performance from your new electrical panel.

Sometimes a repair or replacement for individual circuits or parts can solve your electrical problems. Outdated or damaged service panels should be replaced, however. You may have trouble with inspections or a real estate closing if you leave an old panel in place.

And for powering all of today’s many electronic devices, your home may simply need a larger electrical panel.

  • Upgrade electrical service – If you need more power in your home, you need an electrical panel replacement as well as a service upgrade from the utility.
  • Add circuits – Install a larger panel or a sub-panel when you have run out of circuit slots but need more.
  • Replace damaged panel – If your panel has frayed wires, broken connections, melted or burnt spots, or other damage, a complete replacement is best.
  • Knob-and-tube or fuse box replacement – Even if these systems seem to be working fine, it won’t be long before problems get worse. Upgrade to a new circuit breaker panel to be safe and get up to code.

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