Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring Replacement Salisbury NC

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Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring Replacement Salisbury NC

Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring Replacement Salisbury NC, There’s really no telling if knob and tube wiring poses an imminent risk today, tomorrow, or five years from now. One thing we know for sure is that buildings with knob and tube systems are more likely to suffer an electrical fire. Knob and tube wiring was most commonly used for electrical wiring from the 1900s to the 1960s and is not permitted in any newly constructed buildings – residential or commercial.

The dangers of knob and tube include:

  • Ungrounded wires may shock people and damage appliances
  • Exposed wires that are uninsulated or have lost insulation may overheat, fail, or spark a fire
  • Over the years, previous owners and unknowing electricians may have improperly repaired or altered the wiring
  • Knob and tube systems typically are overloaded with too much electricity and max out at 60 amps of service instead of the modern 100 to 200.
  • Insurance companies may deny coverage or charge higher premiums.

If you are buying or selling your home in Rowan County, you definitely want to replace knob and tube wiring first. Even if you are living with knob and tube wiring without any issues now, you should still replace it as soon as possible.

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The process involves finding all knob and tube wiring throughout the home and replacing it (or in some cases leaving it be but disconnecting it). The electrician installs new wiring and a modern circuit breaker panel.

Upgrading the amperage from the utility is usually a good idea as well, and the process is a great opportunity to rewire with additional circuits and outlets to suit the modern lifestyle.

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