Landscape Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

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Landscape Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

Landscape Lighting Installation Salisbury NC. You work hard to make your home and garden beautiful, and landscape lighting lets you enjoy it twice as long. Outdoor lights also serve some very desirable functions — keeping your family and property safe at night. For the best results, you need to work with the Charlotte electricians who know how to design, wire, and install landscape lighting.

landscape lighting installation

Great outdoor lights require equal parts of design sense and electrical wiring mastery. When left to a handyman or the DIY homeowner, outdoor lighting often suffers from water damage and outages. We provide professional installation and services for custom landscape lighting of all kinds, all powered by the work of the best electrician in Rowan County.

Cables and Volts Contracting provides residential landscape lighting services throughout Rowan County. These include:

  • LED, fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent lights
  • Solar options
  • Low-voltage lighting for even distribution
  • Copper, brass, brushed steel, and many other styles
  • Garden lights
  • Spotlights and floodlights
  • In-ground lighting
  • Lampposts
  • Walkway, step, patio, and deck lighting
  • Pool area lighting

Cables and Volts Contracting

We know how to shine the best light on your landscaping and outdoor areas. For beauty, safety, and nighttime entertainment, you can count on Cables and Volts Contracting to create a perfect landscape lighting installation for your home.

Our electricians can help you choose the best lighting methods for your greenery and walkways. You have many decisions to make regarding brightness, coverage, fixtures, and wiring locations. The Cables and Volts Contracting team can discuss all the options and design a plan with hidden wiring, reliable electrical power, and ultimately a beautiful landscape lighting solution.

We can also service existing landscape lighting to repair wiring problems and ensure a more functional and aesthetically pleasing result than before.

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Landscape Lighting Installation in…

Rowan County: Salisbury, Spencer, East Spencer, Landis, Faith, China Grove, Rockwell, Granite Quarry and Cleveland NC.

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