Lighting Ceiling Fan Installation Salisbury NC

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Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation Salisbury NC

Lighting & Ceiling Fan Installation Salisbury NC, Before you climb up on that ladder, consider why hiring an electrician to install a new light fixture or ceiling fan makes the most sense. Electrical wiring can be dangerous, even more so when dealing with high ceiling fixtures. For your safety and for the quality of the installation, you should leave this renovation to the pros.

Why hire an electrician to install lighting?

Light fixtures require more than just a simple plug-in. Electrical wiring must be installed at a nearby junction box, or the existing wiring must be stripped and connected properly to the new fixture. Shock and other injuries are possible, and it’s not an ideal DIY task!

Whenever you add or alter wiring, you need an electrician to inspect the circuit and ensure there’s enough power to handle the new lights. If necessary, we can add a new circuit or make other upgrades or repairs.

Ultimately, you want an electrician to install light fixtures to make sure that everything is wired and powered safely and the fixture itself is installed sound and secure.

We replace and install new light fixtures of any kind:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Flush mount fixtures
  • Track lighting
  • Under the cabinet lights
  • Sconces and wall-mounted lights
  • LED, fluorescent, halogen, Edison bulbs, and any other style of lighting

Cables and Volts Contracting

Our experts determine the best wiring methods, even for difficult to reach locations and with minimal disruption to your walls and ceiling. The finished result will be a major upgrade for your lighting and home decor.

Chandeliers and other heavy light fixtures also need a weight support system. Depending on the height of the ceiling and other factors, the job may require multiple people and a variety of tools. Your contractors from Roby Electric handle this entire process to provide a sturdy and beautiful installation.

Our electricians are licensed and trained for all residential and commercial electrical work, including specialty lighting fixtures and wiring upgrades. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations, so just let us know how you want your new lights to look and function, and we’ll make it happen.

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