Noon Home Certified Installer Salisbury NC

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Noon Home Certified Installer Salisbury NC

Noon Home Certified Installer Salisbury NC. We understand that technology is changing and that is why we are proud to be Noon Home Certified Installers and Service personnel. Noon Home brings elegance as well as the technology that home buyers today want to better manage their lighting needs.

A brighter switch.

NOON’s primary controller, the Director, features a high-resolution OLED display that provides one-touch control of your lighting. The Director connects wirelessly to coordinate NOON Extension Switches — just click to turn all of a room’s lights on. Swipe to transition to your preferred scene.

Not your average dimmer.

Extension switches pair with Room Directors and extend your NOON lighting system. They coordinate lights or work just like regular dimmers. (Director required for setup)

Seamlessly satisfying.

Once paired, Noon switches communicate via bluetooth to coordinate all the lights in a room. Internet connectivity means that once you install NOON, it will continue to get better. You won’t have to do a thing.

Lighting with a personal touch.

Every home is unique. Every homeowner has a unique vision of the perfect lighting for an occasion. The NOON App makes it crazy simple to personalize — adjust your lights, pick a cool scene icon, name it and it saves itself! It’s that simple.

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