Recessed Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

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Recessed Lighting Installation Salisbury NC

Recessed Lighting Installation Salisbury NC. Recessed can lighting offers clean design, energy efficiency, and a broad range of ambient and task lighting options. You can call them can lights, pot lights, down lights, or a number of other names. Adding recessed lights makes a great home improvement project in the Charlotte area —a fresh update that adds function and style in any room.

Since lighting fixtures require professional wiring as part of the interior lighting installation, a local electrician is your best choice of contractor. We can save you time, protect your home from wiring problems, and ensure a finished result that looks sleek and works perfectly.

Best places for recessed lighting installation

Recessed lights take up no head space and provide either general or task lighting. Larger and brighter bulbs can light up a whole living room, while rows of smaller cans are popular for:

  • Accent lighting
  • Wall spotlights
  • Task lights
  • And more!

The clean lines make recessed cans a no-brainer for modern or minimalist homes, but they are very useful for any style of home decor.

Use them on low ceilings, sloped ceilings, in hallways, or in places where you need extra lights but already have a chandelier or other statement-making fixture nearby.

They are generally very energy-efficient, too — LED, halogen, and other low-wattage lights can provide bright ambient or task lighting.

Cables and Volts Contracting

As with any overhead fixture, recessed can lights require electrical wiring and proper installation — it’s a job best left to your Salisbury NC electricians. The process varies depending on whether the ceiling is open for construction or renovation already, or if the contractor will need to open up the ceiling and work around existing ducts and joists.

In the end, your new recessed lights will need to be wired to a nearby junction box and connected to light switches. You can choose remodeling or retrofit kits or new construction style, and Cables and Volts Contracting will take care of the electrical wiring and clean installation

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