4 Ways to Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Workshop

If you’re looking for ways to make your garage more functional, you’re not alone. Many homeowners want their garage to be a multi-use area for parking, storage, and work projects. If you want to make your garage as functional as possible, there are a few updates that you can make to the space. Here are four of the most important ones to put on your list.

Make a Workbench

Workbenches are great places to work on projects. There are many styles available depending on what kinds of projects you like to make. You’ll need to clear out a space in the garage so that you have enough room to install your workbench. You’ll also need to have enough room to work around the bench.

Improve Lighting and Electricity Access

When you’re trying to use your garage for working on projects, good lighting is essential. What you have just might not cut it. Most garages have the light from the electric garage opener and a single bulb overhead. If you want your garage to be a place where you can work, you’ll probably need to add a couple of overhead lights. You can also add a portable work light and a hook to place it on when you need your hands free.

Add Workbench Seating

Unless you want to do all of your working from a standing position, you’re also going to need some seating. Like the workbench, your seating needs to be sturdy so that you can comfortably sit on it without fear that you will lose your balance. You don’t need to spend a lot on materials, but you should choose solid pieces that you won’t mind sitting on for an extended period.

Don’t Overlook the Flooring

Although you might not think of it right away, don’t neglect the garage flooring. There are many ways to make your garage floor more aesthetically appealing and functional. Interlocking tiles, peel and stick tiles, and roll-out vinyl flooring are all options that can hide flaws in the concrete underneath. It’s also easier to clean up messes such as grease when the material underfoot is vinyl rather than concrete. Other options include concrete stain, sealer, paint, and epoxy.

Remember to Clear It Out Right

You will most likely clean out your garage before you turn it into a workshop, but remember to do so correctly. All the things you might put outside or into storage need to be assessed for what their storage needs are. For example, you might have kept a boat in your garage, you might think it would be best to merely move it outside. And while that does work, there is work to be done to prepare it for whatever amount of time it will be outside, especially if it is winter. From changing the oil and antifreeze to emptying out all its pipes. You should have these considerations for everything else you move, from old clothes to electronics to avoid damaging your personal belongings.

Making your garage into a great work space can be empowering. Draw a diagram of what you would like your garage to look like after you’re done, and create work zones to maximize your space.

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