Electrical Safety for Kids

Electrical safety for kids

electrical safety

Electrical safety tips for kids

  • Never put your fingers or other things in an electric outlet
  • Metal objects are not allowed on toasters
  • Never use or put a cord or plug in water
  • Never pull on a plug or yank it by its cord
  • Stay away from panels and power lines
  • Don’t climb on power poles
  • Never fly kites near power lines
  • Stay away from broken or damaged power lines
  • Never climb trees or tocuh trees that are near power lines
  • Never touch big, metal transformer boxes with warning signs
  • Obey all warning signs

Child proofing your home

Keep curious kids safe from the temptation to stick foreign objects into outlets or plugs.

  • Unused wall outlets should be secured.
  • If you’re using extension cords, hide them behind furniture or under a rug. You can also put electrical tape over unused plug holes on cords.
  • Put electrical devices on a shelf out of reach, or use a barrier.
  • Store bathroom and kitchen electrical appliances out of reach of curious children using child proof locks and devices.
  • Use tamper proof outlets and GFCIs.

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