About CVC | Electrician Service Salisbury NC

Cables and Volts Contracting your choice for all your electrical needs.


"About CVC | Electrician Service Salisbury NC"

Cables and Volts Contracting is your one stop destination for affordable, customer minded, state of the art professional service. You can trust us for all your electrical service needs.

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About CVC | Electrician Service Salisbury NC. Established in 2015, Cables and Volts Contracting (CVC) is a professional and friendly establishment that the community can trust and rely on for their electrical and data needs.


About CVC | Electrician Service Salisbury NC. With 21st century knowledge and over a decade of experience, Robert provides the area with quality, integrity, honesty, and friendly service.

Our Passion

About CVC | Electrician Service Salisbury NC. CVC also believes in giving back to the community that supports them and volunteers at community events providing electrical safety and energy saving tips to parents while their children are playing with activities created by Enid Rodriguez.


  • Professional service

    Cables and Volts Contracting knows that we must lead by example first and foremost. This is why our company is based on morals and principles that guides us in everything we do. We believe that our approach and service is what is going to drive our customers back to us.

  • Affordable price

    Cables and Volts Contracting believes that the customer comes first in all aspects. This is why we work with the customer to ensure they get the best results at an affordable price. We will never cut corners and will work with out customers so they can afford any service they need while getting the job done.

  • Great support

    Cables and Volts Contracting believes in supporting the local community in everything we do. That is why we don't just do a job, we also ensure the customers have the knowledge they need to get the best out of their electrical service. We will monitor and work with our customers to ensure they have all the support they need.

  • Service Warranty

    Cables and Volts Contracting strives to exceed your expectations with knowledge, skill and the customer service you deserve. Our licensed and insured residential electricians are trained to effectively and efficiently diagnose a problem and to communicate with you, the customer, to provide the best solution possible.

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    Robert Marts

    Licensed Electrician/Owner/Site Manager

    Enid Rodriguez

    MA – Office Manager